Weddings @ OLS

a Catholic community in south St. Louis city

Getting Married at Our Lady of Sorrows

In the Sacrament of Marriage, a man and a woman, commit themselves to a perpetual, faithful, and fruitful life together. In so doing, the two become one in Christ and live the vocation ordained for them by God.

For a complete copy of the Marriage Policies of Our Lady of Sorrows Parish, please contact the Parish Office. In brief, however, the following should be kept in mind:
The Common Marriage Policy for All Dioceses in the State of Missouri was written to guide and direct marriage preparation in every Catholic parish in Missouri. What is not covered in this Common Policy is governed by the universal laws of the Catholic Church.
The Common Policy calls for the couple to contact the Church at least six (6) months prior to the proposed date for the wedding. This is no guarantee that the couple has enough time to adequately prepare for this Sacrament or to complete the following:

A Pre-Marriage Inventory (PNI) administered by the priest/deacon to determine a couple’s eligibility to be married in the Catholic Church.

A Compatibility Assessment (FOCCUS) administered by the priest/deacon to help the couple determine their readiness for marriage.

Marriage Classes (Pre-Cana) which serve to instruct the couple on the spiritual, emotional, financial, relational, child rearing, and everyday aspects of married life.

Planning the Wedding Ceremony:

For Parishioners: one of the parties to be married must be a registered member of Our Lady of Sorrows Parish or be the son or daughter of a parishioner. Couples may reserve the Church after meeting with the Pastor.
Catholics marrying another Catholic are normally married at a Nuptial Mass. When a Catholic marries a non-Catholic, the marriage takes place at a liturgy that does not include the Mass.

Catholics marrying someone other than a Catholic need to request a dispensation from the Archbishop. In their request, the Catholic party promises not to abandon their faith and to see that any children born of the union are baptized and raised in the faith.

Should a Catholic wish to marry a non-Catholic and have the wedding take place in a non-Catholic Church, special permission must be obtained from the Archbishop for the marriage to be valid. Please contact the Pastor if you have any questions.

While weddings are permitted during the season of Advent, Lent remains a special season of penitence in the Catholic Church. It is the policy of OLS that NO weddings are permitted during the Lenten season.