Adult Faith Formation

a Catholic community in south St. Louis city

Adult Faith Formation

Adult Faith Formation programs build up the Body of Christ by facilitating growth in Christian maturity for the purpose of helping the Baptized to fully participate in the mission of Christ and the Church.  Our faith formation programs include: Prayer groups, Fall and Lenten study groups, Retreat opportunities, Access to Divorce and Bereavement Groups, Marriage Encounter, Bible Studies. Check the parish bulletin for current faith formation offerings.

Contact: Rectory

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

The RCIA is designed to bring those who are considering becoming Catholic through a formation process that leads them to a deeper understanding and experience of the Christian faith.  Those seeking baptism are initiated into the Church on the most important night of the Church year: the Easter Vigil. Those baptized in other Christian denominations are initiated through the celebration of Confirmation and Eucharist when they are fully prepared to join.

Contact: Rev Mr. Dan Skillman