Rev. Peter Blake
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Welcome to Our Lady of Sorrows School website where I believe you will find an excellent depiction of one of the vital ministries of our parish community. Begun in 1907 with a vision of forming the youth of the newly formed parish, through several generations of families who proudly graduated from our school, OLS continues to meet the challenges of the 21st century with a mission of restoring the excellence of education in a truly Catholic environment. Our goal is to continue to form young men and women to be active disciples of Christ, prepared for the challenges of this millennium academically, physically and most of all, spiritually. As a fully accredited non-public elementary school, the emphasis on incorporating the faith dimension in all areas of the learning environment, provide our youth with a well balanced opportunity for growth as faithful and faith-filled citizens. From our Pre-K program through Grade 8, our students are well equipped to further their education in, oftentimes, their first choice of High School. I am proud of the rich heritage of over a century of parochial education here at OLS Parish and look forward to many years of being a part of the education and faith formation of our youth.


Mrs. Kathleen Liermann
(314) 353-1451

Hello, my name is Kathleen Liermann and I am very proud to be the principal of Our Lady of Sorrows. I feel very strongly that a school should be a family looking out for each other.  As the Golden Rule states, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  The students in Our Lady of Sorrows are like my children and grandchildren.  I want the same for my students as I would want for any member of my family.

I have always believed the seeing someone doing something is a stronger influence than observing someone just speaking the words.  “A picture is worth a 1000 words,” is an old phrase that expresses what I believe is a fact.  I believe that all the religious activities in which I am involved are examples to the whole community of my commitment to faith building in this school:  I am a Eucharist Minister, Minister of Ashes on Ash Wednesday, lead prayer each morning for the faculty and each morning in the gym for students, staff and faculty. I attend and receive the Eucharist at school Mass.

I have tried to be supportive to all staff members.  I build them up when they are down and celebrate their victories and good times.  These are a few examples of my everyday commitment to faith building for our school community.  I believe the faculty and staff truly believes I live my faith – by example – therefore helping to build the faith community of our entire school.  I have been in education for 28 years and proud to say that all 28 have been at Our Lady of Sorrows.   I started at Our Lady of Sorrows as a third grade teacher for eleven years.  Over the years I have been a primary coordinator, learning consultant, dean of students and assistant principal.  I joined the parish in 1976 and this is where my six children graduated.  My heart belongs to Sorrows.